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Caring for the Earth

Create statements and pictures that show how we care for the Earth.

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2, 3
30 mins
Hands on


After thinking about different ways they can care for the Earth, your students create sentences on the board with word cards. The word cards introduce new vocabulary and provide a simple structure to build sentences. In pairs, students then create their own statements and draw a picture of themselves caring for the Earth.


What you'll need

  • 1 set of "Caring for the Earth" board cards
  • 1 set of "Caring for the Earth" word cards for each pair of students

Prepare the materials

  1. Copy and cut out one set of "Caring for the Earth" board cards to use with the whole class.
  2. Copy and cut out multiple sets of "Caring for the Earth" word cards for the students to use with partners. If you want your students to be able to take home a set of word cards to share with their families, make a set for each student.

How we care for the Earth

  1. Explain to your students that there are many ways we can care for the Earth:
    • In British Columbia, our electricity comes from the environment, and by reducing the amount of electricity we use, we are caring for the Earth.
    • We save water by turning off the tap when we brush our teeth. By saving water, we are caring for the Earth.
    • When we recycle and compost instead of throwing things in the trash, we are caring for the Earth.
  2. Ask your students to share other examples of how they care for the Earth.

Construct sentences as a class

  1. Display the 12 "Caring for the Earthboard cards on a whiteboard:
    • We
    • Can
    • Turn
    • Lights
    • Off
    • For
    • Plant
    • Recycle
    • Trees
    • Computers
    • Nature
    • Care
  2. Get your students to create sentences about saving energy. Start by placing ‘we’ and ‘can’ together on the board.
  3. Have a different student build each of the following sentences:
    • We can turn off lights.
    • We can care for nature.
    • We can recycle.
    • We can turn off computers.
    • We can plant trees.
  4. For each sentence, discuss how that action helps the Earth.

Caring actions

  1. Pair up your students and hand out sets of "Caring for the Earth" word cards.
  2. With their partners, have students create more sentences about caring for the Earth.
  3. Encourage your students to think of new words they can write on the blank cards and put the new words on the board for everyone to use. Your students can also draw pictures on the blank cards.
  4. On blank paper, have the pairs of students choose and write out one of their sentences, then draw a picture of themselves doing that caring action.
  5. Have students share their pictures and describe what they are doing.

Modify or extend this activity

  • Learn more about using and saving energy with "Energy at school".
  • Have students take their pictures and a set of word cards home to share with their families.
  • Create a display of the caring statements and pictures for your classroom or to share with the school. 

Curriculum Fit

Grade 2, 3 English Language Arts 


  • Reading strategies
  • Sentence structure

Curricular competencies

Create and communicate
  • Exchange ideas and perspectives to build shared understanding
  • Create stories and other texts to deepen awareness of self, family and community


  • Assess the ability of your students to use reading strategies to create sentences.
  • Assess how your students explain their picture and action.

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