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A classroom without walls

Jun 2, 2020

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Power down and head outdoors to support your child or student learning in a dynamic environment that promotes curiosity and well-being. Using the outdoors as a learning space can help keep students engaged while taking advantage of warmer temperatures, fresh air, and clear skies.

There are many benefits to outdoor learning, ranging from improved physical and mental well-being to increased awareness and stewardship of our environment. Simply being outside exposes students to weather, plants, wildlife, people and how all these elements interact and function together. When spending time in a backyard or park, learning becomes hands-on, tangible, and observational, something that's not always easily achieved in a classroom or online. Additionally, outdoor education allows children to work on skills involving leadership, communication and teamwork.

We have many activities and lessons that are designed for and adaptable to an outdoor space.

For activities that promote movement and using our senses, check out:

For activities that can be enhanced by being conducted outdoors, we recommend:

When spending time outdoors, remind kids to wear sunscreen and watch their surroundings for vehicles. It's also important to respect the various forms of life they come across and to leave the area how they found it.

Explore our library of education resources for more B.C. curriculum-based activity ideas.

Posted by

Michelle Rosenquist

BC Hydro Community Team Representative

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