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Visit a B.C. dam


Mar 1 - Oct 9, 2023

Book your school tours for Stave, Bennett and Revelstoke

Our Visitor Centres' are located throughout B.C. at some of our major dams and generating facilities. 

Request a guided tour for your class and have students learn how water creates electricity. With activities for students of all ages, your class will enjoy interactive exhibits, historical artifacts, and stunning views. 

Book a field trip now:

We know it’s not always easy to organize a field trip, and some of you may not even live close to one 

So to help you out, weve curated some in-class activities to help your students learn about dams and understand hydroelectricity.

Power of falling water (Grade 2)

Watch a video on how the power of falling water generates electricity and learn how important the water cycle is for generating electricity in B.C. 

How smart is hydroelectricity? (Grade 2-7)

Students get to do a hands-on activity which covers the basics of hydroelectric generation, how that electricity gets to our homes, and how we can use that energy wisely and safely.

Hydroelectric dam speed drawing (Grade 3)

Students get to do a drawing activity exploring hydroelectric dams and how they affect biodiversity in the local environment.

Energy transformations and hydroelectricity (Grade 4)

View our slideshow and watch a video and your students will learn the hydroelectric system, in which the energy of moving water is ultimately transformed into electricity.  

How a dam works (Grade 7)

Watch a short video about how the power of falling water generates electricity and learn the terms and steps in the hydroelectricity generation process.

The path of electricity (Grade 7)

Watch a video and learn how electricity is made and how it gets to where we need it. 

Respectful dam designs (Grade 7 & 9)

Students work together and get to share their ideas on two types of hydro dams and which better reflects and respects Indigenous views and understandings of water.

How dams generate electricity (Grade 9)

Watch a video and learn how energy is transformed in dams while electricity is created from flowing water.

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Power Smart for Schools Team

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