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World Water Day


Mar 22, 2023

Water is necessary for life – it’s vital to all living things, it’s always on the move and can be found everywhere. Everyone can do their part in protecting and caring for this natural resource at school, at home and in their communities. 

Inspire your students with a deeper understanding of how essential water is and encourage them to share their message on respecting, protecting and honouring water.

Educational resources for exploring water stewardship

There's a variety of Power Smart for Schools activities to help students understand the links between groundwater, sustainability and Indigenous perspectives on water.

Honouring water (Grades K, 2)

Students explore Indigenous perspectives and discover some of the ways they can honour water using observations and inferences. Some Indigenous activities outlined in the provided slideshow, such as water songs and water walks, can be experienced outdoors if schools are located within walking distance of a water source.

Listen to the water (Grades K, 1)

Play a listening game to help students discover how the sound of water makes them feel. If you're close to an outdoor water source, even a fountain, consider taking this listening experience outdoors.

Mapping our water sources (Grades 5, 7)

Maps are provided of water sources in Prince George and Metro Vancouver, but teachers can find more localized maps for this activity. And if there's a source nearby, the activity could be taken outdoors to make it hyper-local.

Living in a good way with water (Grade 5)

Using Indigenous teachings and perspectives, students develop commitments to living in a good way with water.

Nature connections (Grade 7)

Teachers show a video about First Nations connections to their land and place and then have students think about a special place in nature. Is there a special place outside, near the school, where the class could visit?

Sustainability and you (Grades 4-7)

Students explore the concepts of sustainability and stewardship and the relationship between Indigenous communities and the environment. Is there a water source near the school where stewardship is in action, or where it might be required?

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Power Smart for Schools Team

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