Electrical Safety Day

May 16, 2019

A province-wide initiative to make students aware of electricity hazards.

papercraft street electrical pole

About Electrical Safety Day

Get ready, Electrical Safety Day is happening in schools across B.C. on May 16. This annual initiative promotes electrical safety awareness so your students have the tools to spot a hazard and know exactly what to do to stay safe.

Overview and outcomes

Safety is one of BC Hydro’s core values and an important component of the B.C. curriculum. Teach your students how to stay smart and safe around electricity by leading one of the Electrical Safety Day video activities below on May 16 and make our province a safer place for everyone. 

These interactive activities will engage students and spark discussion on how to handle a potential real-life scenario like coming across a broken pole and a power line on the ground. Younger grades follow the path of electricity from dams, along power lines to our homes. While older students explore good decision-making to understand how our choices can impact the rest of our lives.

Available activities

Available until May 31, 2019.

Access Electrical Safety Day activities

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