Electrical Safety Day

May 16, 2019

A province-wide initiative to make students aware of electricity hazards.

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Electrical Safety Day empowers 13,000 young British Columbians

Each year, teachers from across B.C. make our province a safer place by delivering a powerful lesson on electrical safety, and the turnout in 2019 was our best by far.

With your help, over 13,000 students now have the power to respond safely to a potentially hazardous situation. One school in Kamloops even had students discover messages of safety as they made their way through a full-scale, pop-up maze. Knowing when to call 911, the importance of staying back 10 metres from a downed line, and understanding how to shuffle away from danger are all important tools that shouldn't be taken for granted. 

Electrical Safety Day will be back next year, but safety is a message we can drive home any day of the year with ready-to-deliver, curriculum-connected classroom activities.

We heard from many of you that the event was a great success, and a few of your reactions and photos are captured below. 

Reactions from our community

Teachers are talking about Power Smart for Schools

On Electrical Safety Day:

"The students seemed to not only learn about electrical safety (and the real world benefits of having this knowledge), but also really enjoyed the videos and elements of competition."

On Electrical Safety Day:

"The French videos and resources were a hit."

On Electrical Safety Day:

"The classes found that the videos held attention and were entertaining. They were happy to have knowledge that could save their lives in a real life emergency situation."

Electrical Safety Day moments


About Electrical Safety Day

Electrical Safety Day happened in schools across B.C. on May 16. Don’t miss out on this annual initiative to promote electrical safety awareness that gives your students the tools to spot a hazard and know exactly what to do to stay safe.