Water Week

Coming back 2019

Water Week was a great success for our community. Join us next year for a new set of activities.


Water Week recap

We're excited to report that over 130 teachers in B.C. came together this March to deliver specially created, water-themed activities in support of Water Week. Classrooms from all over the province took part. Our most popular activity was the "Guess the mystery water animal" game for kids from Kindergarten to Grade 3.

A huge thanks to all that participated. We hope your students were inspired to be more mindful of water and to conserve this precious resource. 

What's up next? Check out upcoming special events and activities throughout the year to keep your class engaged.

Reactions from our community

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On Water Week:

"The kids loved it! It was a fun way to get them thinking about the animals we need to protect."

About Water Week

Water Week is a celebration of water. It takes place in the third week of March each year and coincides with World Water Day on March 22. Across the country, Canadians take part in water-themed events and activities.

Overview and outcomes

Water plays a big role in providing clean energy, in a really cool way. We created special activities to help build understanding of the important role water plays in powering the province of B.C.

Our Water Week activities provided a link to the core competencies of the curriculum. The activities engaged students in sharing information, working with others and presenting information. They challenged students to consider their role in the world around them and how to make a difference.

Relevant core competencies:

  • Communication
    • Connect and engage with others
    • Acquire, interpret and present information
  • Thinking
    • Creative thinking – generating and developing ideas
  • Social Responsibility
    • Contribute to community and caring for the environment

The activities also connected to a variety of grade-specific curricular competencies and content in a variety of subjects including Science, Social Studies and English Language Arts.