Water Week

March 17 - 23, 2019

Water Week was a great success for our community.


Water Week was a splash

A big kudos to the 400+ teachers who used our Water Week activities to get students thinking about the role water plays in our lives.

Classrooms from all over the province took part in quizzes and games which were linked to the core competencies of the curriculum and reinforced how we can protect this precious resource.

What’s next? Keep the discussions going with even more activities and videos about how water can transform into the energy that powers our lives.

Water Week moments


About Water Week

The United Nations initiative World Water Day celebrates fresh water each March 22. 2019 was all about tackling the water crisis by addressing the reasons so many people are left behind. 

It goes hand-in-hand with Canada Water Week (March 17-23), which raises the profile and understanding of water and its importance to Canada’s prosperity.

Water plays a big role in providing clean energy, in a really cool way. We created special activities to help build understanding of the important role water plays in powering the province of B.C.

Our Water Week activities provide a link to the core competencies of the curriculum. The activities engage students in understanding global and local water issues.

Relevant core competencies:


  • Acquire, interpret, and present information (includes inquiries) 
  • Connect and engage with others (to share and develop ideas) 
  • Collaborate to plan, carry out, and review constructions and activities 


  • Creative thinking: generating ideas
  • Creative thinking: novelty and value
  • Critical thinking 
    • analyze and critique
    • develop and design
    • question and investigate

Social Responsibility

  • Contributing to community and caring for the environment

The activities also connected to a variety of grade-specific curricular competencies and content in a variety of subjects including Physical and Health Education, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and English Language Arts.