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Winter safety livestream

Join our livestream event on January 26 and learn from BC Hydro's own meteorologist. Your class will have a chance to win prizes.

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Huge variety of topics and teaching techniques that usually give me a basis from which to create something that fits my classroom better.
B.C. teacher
Easy to read and implement into a lesson. Very clear and helpful information! You don't need to do a load of prep beforehand.
B.C. teacher
Activities and fun games for my age group that are attractive, up-to-date and match the curriculum. Made by teachers, so they know what works.
B.C. teacher
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Support for teaching, inspiration for learning

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Appreciating power

Learn from Maple Ridge teacher Carla Van Der Pauw and inspire your students to practice conservation, be resource-conscious, and become sustainability leaders.

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We're ready to help teach your class about clean energy concepts and the science behind them. Get a head start on your lesson plan for the new year and book a virtual presentation.