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Join us for
Dave's Conservation Challenge

February 8 - March 12, 2021

Explore power-saving tips with your students and challenge them to conserve at home and at school.

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Week 1

Lighting Smart

Learn about energy-efficient lighting and challenge your students to use natural light.

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Week 2

Appliance Smart

Explore how to save energy when using appliances and create magnets with energy conservation messages.

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Week 3

Electronics Smart

Play a game to find out about energy-efficient electronics and behaviours.

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Week 4

Temperature Smart

Let’s get smart about keeping warm at home and at school.

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Week 5

Conservation Challenge Quiz

How power smart is your class when it comes to energy conservation?

Live Mar 8th
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Power Smart for Schools is an online hub of energy focused educational materials that are adaptable and easy-to-teach, even from home.


School energy investigation

Investigate energy use at school and come up with ways to reduce electricity use and combat climate change.

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Grade 7Group Work2 hours
School energy investigation

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