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Electricity trivia challenge

Create questions to stump the opposing team while recalling as much as you can about electricity.

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7, 9
30 mins


After viewing a slideshow that details B.C.’s electrical system, your students can demonstrate their knowledge and recall with a fun trivia game that has them creating and answering all the questions.


What you'll need

  • "Electricity and your world" slideshow
  • "Electricity and your world" slideshow notes
  • "Group work evaluation" rubric

Start by taking your students through the slideshow. When you’re done, go back to the first slide which shows what Earth looks like from space at night. Initiate a discussion about the image; encourage your students to think about what the image shows and how it may have been taken. Consider asking questions like:

  • Is this a single photo? How do you know?
  • Where was this photo taken?
  • Where are we located in this photo?
  • What do you find interesting about this image?

The Electricity trivia game

This fun game gets students coming up with questions to ask the other team.

  1. Start by dividing your class into two teams. Have the two teams gather and come up with a thematically-relevant name for their team.
  2. Give the teams some time to come up with questions based on the images in the slideshow. They can write their questions on cue cards or slips of paper. Have each team choose 10 of their best questions for the game. Remind them that they also need to have the correct answers to their questions!
  3. Flip a coin to see which group gets asked the first question. Teams alternate asking questions of the other team. When a team is asked a question, they can have a few seconds to discuss the answer as a group and come up with a final answer.
  4. Answering a question correctly earns a point.
  5. Answer a question incorrectly and the opposing team gets a point.
  6. Keep track of the points to determine the winner.

Modify or extend this activity

  • Take extra time to explore other questions that the images in the slideshow evoked in your students.

Curriculum Fit

Grade 7 Science


  • Electricity is generated in different ways with different environmental impacts

Curricular competency

  • Communicate ideas, findings, and solutions to problems, using scientific language, representations, and digital technologies as appropriate

Grade 9 Science

Curricular competency

  • Communicate scientific ideas, information, and perhaps a suggested course of action for a specific purpose and audience, constructing evidence-based arguments and using appropriate scientific language, conventions, and representations


  • Use the evaluation rubric to monitor and assess the group work in this activity.
  • Use the questions your students come up with to determine their knowledge level, and their understanding of electricity.


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