Don Blakey's grade 5/6 class came out on top after a month long competition.

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Cayoosh students win first ever Boost your Power Smarts quiz competition

December 17, 2018

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Don Blakey's grade 5/6 class came out on top after a month long competition.

Congrats to “Blakey’s Lightning Minds”, the lucky grand prize winners of our Boost your Power Smarts quiz competition. Over 100 classes participated and they were 1 of 7 teams that got a perfect score. 

The students' impressive feat even earned them a special mention in the Bridge River – Lillooet News. Their teacher, Don Blakey, said that he took part so his class could "learn a little bit about how electricity’s generated in B.C., and non-renewable and renewable resources, and how to be smarter with electrical conservation.” It was a wise decision. The students aced every quiz.

As part of the grand prize, we visited their school in Lillooet along with our friends from Science World. It was amazing to see the students' excitement when we arrived. 

We started with a presentation about electrical safety. A downed power line affected power in the community that morning, so learning about safety was especially important. Afterwards, Science World performed fun science experiments around “Fantastic Forces”

It was a great experience engaging with the students at Cayoosh Elementary. They were such an enthusiastic group, and their prize was well-deserved.

To learn more about Boost your Power Smarts, check out this quick recap and read the news story about the winners.

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